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Client Success Stories and Reviews

James Fuller: Working out with Phyzique since 2017

Personal training at Phyzique has been a life-changing experience for me. I’ve been working out with Robert for the past year and he keeps every session fun and exciting, yet different with exercises that always challenge me. He always ensures proper form in everything we do, but knows just how to get those extra reps out of you when you are ready to give in. I have seen amazing results over the past year and have never felt better! The hardest part for me was making that initial phone call, but Robert (and all of the trainers) have been supporting me every step of the way in achieving by goals from day 1. If you want to seriously make a lifestyle change and achieve proven results in an environment that is conducive to meeting your needs, the Phyzique is the place for you! Thanks, Robert for being a trainer that truly cares about his clients…every hour sessions passes by so fast, that I always leave looking forward to what you have in store for the next session! 

Julie O'Neal,Working out with Phyzique since 2005

I have been working out with Keith Janssen for over 8 years and I would highly recommend him to anyone I meet for three reasons:
1. He is fun to work with; he maintains a high degree of variety in his workout sessions which help to keep me motivated and interested.
2. He cares about his clients; he is willing to tailor workouts to any special or changing needs of his clients-a trait which allowed me to safely continue my workout sessions through the 8th month of my pregnancy!!
3. He gets results- since the birth of my second child, Keith has gotten me back into the best shape of my life.

I feel strong, healthy and confident!! Thanks so Much.

Jennifer Jennette, Working out with Phyzique since 2007

After having three children in six years via c-section, my body was far from fit.  My post-pregnancy figure and my overall energy level needed a "lift"! With the help of Jay Janssen and Phyzique, I am stronger than I was pre-pregnancy and I have the energy to keep up with my busy children and our fast-paced lives! Each visit to Phyzique proves to be more fun and challenging than the last.  Jay's creative approach to each training session keeps me "on my toes" and dying to see what comes next!  If you are in search of a personally Tailored fitness experience with professionals that will keep you motivated & challenged while making you laugh along the way, Jay and Keith Janssen at Phyzique are just the people to call!

KC Murphy, Working out with Phyzique since 2007

Seven Years ago I was very frustrated with my self discipline or should I say lack of it.  I had all the best intentions to work out on a regular basis and be more fit. I realized that years had gone by and the excuses were piling on.  A while ago my girlfriend recommended me to Keith.  It took me several months to make the call, but for nearly eight years now since I started going to Keith and it is one of the best decisions I've made for me.  I wish I had signed up with him sooner because the progress my body has made the last few years has been very satisfying and I feel much more balanced and happier in my life and with myself since I've incorporated a regular routine. Keith knows exactly when I need to push myself harder, he creates routines that are best suited for me and he challenges my stamina.  He pushes me hard and he doesn't stand for excuses, but he also knows when to back off. 
Keith's studio is a professional, very well equipped and clean environment, plus his wife is lovely and also a trainer. Keith is one of the most self motivated people I have had the pleasure of getting to know and is very knowledgeable of personal fitness and is not afraid to try new things.  He is flexible with this time (with advance notice, of course) but there are times I need to travel or a work dilemma suddenly came up and Keith is understanding and accommodating.  I am a 44 year old mother going to the pool in a bikini and feeling really good about it this summer. I give Keith 90% of the credit but it also took me making our time together a priority, monitoring my eating habits and ensuring I mixed in cardio exercise several times a week to really see the benefits.  I do know for sure that without Keith and his expertise I would still be sitting at this computer coming up with excuses!

Mary Neary,  Working Out with Phyzique since 2008

I started working out at Phyzique 5 years ago with the goal of building muscle to prevent future osteoporosis and to combat the aging process.  The trainers are supportive and knowledgeable, and offer advice beyond strength training and cardio. They have a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, fitness and overall health and well-being.   My weekly workouts are varied and fun, even though my body is being pushed to lift heavier weights and complete more repetitions.  Phyzique has helped me become a healthier, stronger person!

Sondra Horwitz, Working out with Phyzique Since 2005
Exercising at Phyzique with Jay Janssen has been a wonderful, workable program that I feel has enabled me to look better and without question live longer.
Her well planned workouts, tailored to my specific age (65 years old), body type and health issues, has ensured me of cardiovascular protection, continuing muscle strength and most importantly, an end to the devastating bone loss from osteoporosis.  My doctors agree that I am doing the right thing and their collective advice is, "Do not stop!"
When I first came to Jay, I was coming out of rehab and hunched over as a result of a fractured vertebra.  Slowly and miraculously, under Jay's careful regimen, my back straightened out and I am now standing pre-injury straight and tall.
Thank you, Jay, for not only do you make each personal exercise session into a delightful hour with an informed friend who cares, but the time passes by so quickly that I always leave wanting more!

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