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Job Opportunities: 
Phyzique is looking for Certified Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Yoga Instructors. 
If you are interested please send resume to
 or call Kandes at 804 332 5476..

About Us

Kandes Green
Owner/Personal Fitness Trainer

Kandes’ passion for personal training came out when she lost over 25 lbs in her own gym that her and her fiancé Robert had created for themselves in their home. This sparked the interest in helping others to achieve the same success that she had achieved for herself. Because of her experience, she felt as though she could help others overcome the every day challenges to living a fit and healthy life.

She also considers herself a work in progress which gives her an advantage when it comes to relating to others who are on their fitness journey. She knows what they go through day in and day out and can give advice to them when needed. Her clients love her for the way she truly cares about each one of them because in her eyes, her success is only measured by theirs.

Kandes wants to make the fitness journey fun and enjoyable so that the results of her client’s hard work last a lifetime!

Robert Green
Owner/Personal Fitness Trainer

Robert has been an athlete his whole life and he grew up playing just about every sport. It was during his time playing soccer at Lynchburg College that his true passion for the fitness industry came out. His coach introduced him to a regimented workout program that included everything from weight lifting to intervals. After he was done at Lynchburg College, he continued his workout routine and began to realize that he could share his knowledge with others. 

Fitness and health has always been a passion of Robert’s and he continues to push his boundaries of knowledge in the industry. He is constantly doing research for new exercises and new ways to improve his clients experiences with him. With his help, he wants his clients to strive for, not just the results now, but for the long term health benefits that follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Robert loves being able to help people so he combined his love for helping others with his love for fitness. His career as a personal trainer is very rewarding to him and he could not imagine doing anything else!


Personal Fitness Trainer


Kaila's interest in health and wellness began in 2002 while living in the South American country of Ecuador.  While living abroad she began to suffer from panic attacks. She found that exercise lessened the severity and frequency of the attacks. She joined a local gym and fell in love with the results from the exercise combined with her new diet, which included the variety of fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the country.

The owner of the local gym offered her a job teaching hip hop dance classes to young girls. That was her introduction to fitness. Upon returning to the U.S. some of her old habits and ways began to emerge and she quickly found that she had gained 25 lbs.  Working with patients as a rehab tech helped her to once again notice the positive physical and emotional affects of exercise, so she began to make adjustments in her own life. The results came quickly and helped to break down her negative self image. In time, she decided to try running and even entered a few races. She began with 5k's a 10k and then a half marathon. Her reignited love for fitness caused others to encourage her to make it her profession, and that is exactly what she did.

Kaila is an NSCA certified personal trainer with a Pilates Level 1 Mat certification. She continues to run and has added biking as her latest challenge with the goal of competing in her first duathlon in the spring.

Demetrius Parker
Personal Fitness Trainer


Demetrius "D" Parker, is full of energy, serious, but always smiling. Demetrius found weight training brought about a sense of confidence and stress relief that was necessary for his position in retail management, with Orlando Harley Davidson. He loved the way his lifestyle affected him, his work, and the people around him; so much, that he decided to persue personal training as career to help other professionals. With a certification through ACE fitness and 8 years of experience and in weight training, he has the ability to properly guide clients through weight and strength training techniques; along with giving result based nutritional recommendations, leading his clients to a healthy and strong body. Demetrius is fairly new to Richmond, having lived in Florida and Colorado before hand. He enjoys the outdoors, playing basketball,  and sport cars from all era's.RA G

Mia Alcos

Personal Fitness Trainer


Mia Alcos is an ACE certified personal trainer, Group Exercise And TRX Instructor. Her love of fitness started at a young age when she joined her school’s soccer team. Mia graduated from VCU and after working in customer service for 10 years decided to quit her job to pursue her true passion, fitness. Mia specializes in TRX, strength and agility training. She loves hiking, soccer and spending time with her dog Ozzie.


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