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Where is Phyzique?
Phyzique is located at 3963 Deep Rock Road, Richmond VA 23233.  We are right behind Capel Rugs and Thomasville Furniture which are located on Broad Street near Gaskins Road. If you need to get directions you can type Phyzique into Google maps and you will be able to access very easy to follow directions. 

Do You Offer a Free Consultation? 
Yes!  We offer a free consultation to anyone that is interested in beginning a fitness program with Phyzique. It is a very important 1st step to getting you on your way to achieving your fitness goals. First, it gives you an opportunity to meet with us and allow us an opportunity to earn your trust and your business.  It also gives you the opportunity to see our beautiful and upbeat studio.  More importantly it gives you an opportunity to ask us anything regarding your needs to help you decide whether or not we can not only meet your needs, but surpass your expectations. 

What Should I Bring To Each Workout?
Appropriate workout or athletic attire is a must.  No one is allowed to workout in jeans or any type of street clothing.  Athletic clothing and shoes are absolutely required.  Clean Towels and bottled water are always here for you and your comfort.

Explain Your Programs?
All of our workouts are individually based.  All programs are made specifically for each individual based on their current condition, medical history, injuries, etc.  We also like to tailor the programs to include exercises and activities that you enjoy doing.   All of our programs (especially weight loss) combine cardiovascular and weight training to give you the most effective workout that you have ever had.

How Long Is A Typical Appointment?
Our 1hour appointments are roughly 55 minutes in duration.  Our 30 minute sessions are roughly 27 minutes in duration.

Do You Have a Cancelation Policy?
Yes.  We require a 24 hour notice when you cancel or reschedule a scheduled workout.  Remember we are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, so if you cannot make your workout that day there is a very good chance that someone else might want to reschedule for that day in the time slot that you would normally occupy. 

Why Choose Phyzique?
Phyzique is dedicated to your success.   We provide safe, effective workouts in a clean and welcoming environment.  Our courteous, professional, and friendly staff will do whatever it takes to make sure that not only do you come to every workout with a smile on your face, but we will make sure that you ALWAYS leave feeling better than you when you came. 

What kind of people benefit from personal training?
Everyone!  We have helped people of all shapes and sizes.  We have helped people that are recovering, and getting ready for knee replacement surgery, we have trained nationally ranked athletes, post surgery gastric bypass & Lat bands, recreational athletes, etc, etc.  It doesn't matter if a person wants to lose 5 or 100+ pounds, or just get into shape so they can play better at their Country Club's member golf tournament..anyone can benefit from the education and experience, of Phyzique's Nationally Certified Personal Fitness Trainers.

How Do I Contact Phyzique?
That's easy!!!  You can fill out our contact form right here on our website located on our Contact Us page and you will be emailing us directly from our website.  Or you can call us at (804) 332-5476 and schedule a Free Consultation today! 

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3963 Deep Rock Road,
Richmond, VA, 23233
804 332 5476

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